Independent escorts Mumbai will explain what a man should know about Sex

Most of the men consider the sex as the pleasure activity through which they satisfy their hunger of sex. This is just because of the lack of knowledge that they have from their friends, colleagues and parents during their adolescent age. Many men learn about the sex from the Independent escorts Mumbai, friends and colleagues. However, there are some other facts that all men should know about the sex. Who else will tell you about the sex and its related aspects freely and frankly? Certainly some sex experts and doctors can help you in that but we are providing you advise and practical lessons with our highly erotic Mumbai escorts girls. Here are some misconceptions that usually men develop or form:

  • Men think of that if they pull out their penis during the sex at the time of ejaculation and ejaculate outside then their partner will not get pregnant.
  • No need to use any lubricants because they think their female partner body produces enough slick stuff or gets lubricated for having sex with Independent escorts in Mumbai.
  • Some kinds of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) are hard to spot or diagnose with naked eye hence we cannot find who is infected while having sex with the partner.
  • The longer I will be indulged in sex, the better health I will get or it produces good results for my body and mind.

Answers/ Facts:

  • The first point is totally false because if you think that if you ejaculate outside on the body of female partner and your female partner will not be pregnant, there many sperm particles that left inside enough to pregnant the female partner. During the sex some sperms that make your penis lubricated can swim to the destination making the female partner pregnant.
  • The second point is also false and untrue from some extent because sometimes the body of girls or Independent escorts in Mumbai fails to produce the lubrication during the sex. Therefore, there are plenty of occasions when girls do not feel ignited or excited hence she fails to generate lubrication. Due to dryness, she might not produce enough or good amount of fluids during the sex which surely creates the problem for both partners.
  • Another point is also false because there are some signs and symptoms that one can visually spot in the STD infected people. Therefore, you should have knowledge about these symptoms and visibly seen signs.
  • The last point is also untrue because it is a misconception that having longer sexual encounter will increase your health or immune system.

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